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The Difference Between IFN Enterprises and all the Rest?
Solutions, Support and Convenience...from one place.

The answer to the most common question.

The most common question any business will receive is simply, "Why should I use your services instead of theirs?" We are one of the few companies that has the ability to offer you everything you need to run your business from one location. This includes a point-of-sale, website software and business network access.

Most of our competitors are forced to integrate with one another in order to make up for the fact that they do not offer every solution. Although this might seem like a feasible option, this can raise a cause for concern.

For one, you are still forced to both sign up with and pay several different companies for their services which in turn can cost more. It also makes it more difficult to get adequate support as you now have to maintain communication between each provider.

Second, this approach also opens up the possibility of more technical problems. Despite what you are told, whenever you have multiple pieces of software working together from different vendors, problems almost always arise. If one company has an issue, it can effect your entire operation.

The solutions offered by IFN Enterprises are streamlined and designed to work together seamlessly. IFN Enterprises offers the most complete, comprehensive and cost effective solution, all while providing you with award winning support from one convenient location.

These are facts you should consider when making your final decision.

Our Stability

We are not just a one man operation like much of our competition. We are a collaboration of designers, developers, support staff and sales. We have the tools and the means to handle volume and can grow as your business grows.

Customer Service

Tired of unfriendly service? It is amazing how many times our customers tell us how badly they have been treated or spoken to on the phone by some of our competitors. At IFN Enterprises, every customer is important and all customers deserve the same level of respect.

Our reps pride themselves on building and maintaining relationships with our customers. They go out of their way to make sure your questions are answered, issues are addressed and requests are processed. We know all of our customers by first name and guarantee that you'll feel like a person and not just a client.

Our Resources

IFN Enterprises is more than simply just a source for cutting edge technology. We are also an excellent online resource. Currently, there are no truly reliable websites that florists can go to in order to learn about everyday technical needs. We provide an online learning center for you to receive free training for some of the most popular topics in the internet world. Get tips on social media marketing, search engine optimization and more.

Learn how to perform everyday technical tasks such as configuring your email in Microsoft Outlook, setting up your iPhone, securing your computer and configuring your hardware.

Our resource center is updated regularly so you have a place to go when looking for valuable information.

Call today at: 877-810-4747 for more information. A representative is available Monday - Friday 9:00am - 7:00pm EST

Terms, conditions, features, support, pricing and service options subject to change without notice.