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IRIS Floral POS System Feature List

The system feature list is updated periodically.

Point of Sale

IFN Enterprises offers an innovative, affordable, and versatile, point of sale software for the retail industries. Providing powerful functions, and advanced touchscreen technology to increase employee productivity and improve operational efficiency. IRIS offers a retail point of sale system to meet the needs of nearly every business type. A system that is suitable for small businesses or multi-store chain operations.

Order Entry


  • All features accessible from one interface
  • Voice component ( IRIS talks to you to alert you of errors, orders, incoming calls and more )
  • Multiple order entry methods ( Delivery, Carryout, Pickup, WireIn, WireOut and more )
  • Split transactions in any combination or number of ways
  • 4 product entry methods ( Visual image glider, barcode scanning, task pads and manual )
  • Create custom task-pads ( Customizable product panels for quick product entry )
  • Add an unlimited number of products to transaction
  • Login screen with convenient sign-in or sign-in / punch in
  • Set up wizard options to configure each register / terminal
  • Easy to see register details ( Last opened date, closed by what employee, etc )
  • Set your starting cash drawer amounts
  • On-screen keyboard for unparalleled touch screen usage
  • Numerous keyboard shortcut functions
  • Tab-key optimized ( Use your tab key to move through fields quickly and easily )
  • Advanced printer settings ( Select printers for specific jobs, number of copies, etc.)
  • Enable / Disable tax per product or globally
  • Enable / Disable discounts per product or globally
  • Set discounts by percentage or dollar value
  • Apply tax to delivery charges
  • Set up recurring orders
  • Save draft orders
  • One touch void transaction options
  • Put orders on hold feature w/ quick recall option
  • Enter single or multiple recipients
  • Print one or multiple hyper tickets per order
  • Print transaction receipts
  • Create card messages globally or per product
  • Print last order option
  • Edit last order
  • Add custom notes to each order
  • Spell check component
  • Credit Card Swipe Validator ( Detects if swipe is valid to avoid declines )
  • Re-enforced keyed credit card validation ( Protection against double clicks, invalid data, etc )
  • Card message text formatting tool (ie. font, color, size, bold, etc.)
  • Support for multiple delivery ticket layouts
  • Pre-defined card message selector
  • Recipient address recall options
  • One touch switch user feature
  • Easily view product images and inventory
  • Supports multiple stores / order forwarding
  • Recall deleted orders
  • Product barcoding
  • Set multiple price levels for products
  • Touch screen compatible ( On-screen Keyboard, hot buttons, etc )
  • Built in Internet speed tester
  • Minimal CPU usage

Delivery Entry

  • Grammatical error / auto text formatting (Capitalization, spelling, phone numbers, etc.)
  • Address verification tools
  • Map lookups ( Google, Bing, Yahoo )
  • Zip code lookups
  • Hotspot lookups
  • GPS Integration
  • Integrates with USPS database for address lookup by zipcode
  • Voice enabled error handing

Customer Entry

  • Grammatical error / auto text formatting (Capitalization, spelling, etc.)
  • Store all customer information ( Address, phone numbers, tax ID, etc )
  • Add / Edit customer during transaction
  • Create personal or business accounts
  • Create sub-accounts
  • Store multiple credit cards on file
  • Designate credit cards as business or personal accounts
  • Quick customer lookup options
  • Look up order history and recipients


  • 100% on all incoming and outgoing orders
  • Send to "Headquarters" feature ( If you can not find a florist in the needed area )
  • One touch order sending options
  • Save orders as recurring
  • Save florists as favorites
  • New video conferencing network ( Connect to other florists visually and verbally through your computer's camera )

Delivery Manager


  • Full delivery routing and mapping
  • Support for multiple delivery ticket layouts
  • GPS support & integration
  • Email and text message reminders for deliveries and pick up orders
  • Delivery confirmations for customer
  • Pre-define confirmation messages
  • On-touch closing / confirmation

Customer Management


  • Store all customer information ( Address, phone numbers, tax ID, etc )
  • Mark Customers as tax exempt
  • Enter customer credit limits
  • Enter customer starting balances
  • Store multiple credit cards on account
  • Auto save customer profile features
  • Built in address verification

Search Feature Highlights


  • By product code
  • By product name
  • By product description
  • By product price
  • Search for products visually with our new image glider
  • Smart search enabled - Terms automatically deciphered. No need to select criteria.


  • By customer name
  • By business
  • By telephone number
  • By recipient
  • Smart search enabled - Terms automatically deciphered. No need to select criteria.


User Accounts

  • Create any number of user accounts for each store
  • Create quick accounts with pre-defined privileges ( Basic, Intermediate, Administrator )
  • Customize user account privileges down to individual system actions ( Give you control down to the last detail )
  • Auto log file creation ( Keeps track of all user actions and activities )
  • Emergency user account lockout features ( Quickly lockout any employee at any time )
  • Control user accounts and permissions from your iPhone


  • IP Address Tracking ( Unauthorized IP's are blocked from accessing your system )
  • System logging ( All logins and login attempts are tracked by IFN Headquarters )
  • 256 bit SSL Encryption ( Secures the transmission of data between your computer and our servers )
  • PCI compliant network
  • 24/7 Managed hosting and service watch
  • Automatic data backups ( Your data is backed up off-site to several data centers each day )

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