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Get paid from your mobile phone
Easily accept credit card payments from your mobile phone.

IFN Enterprises brings you MerchantWARE Mobile. It is a free, user friendly, virtual credit card terminal application which gives iPhone, iTouch, Blackberry and Android users the ability to run real-time credit card transactions right on their device.

This solution is perfect for anyone who is on the move and needs to process credit cards on the go. You also can feel secure knowing sensitive card data is never stored on your device. All you need to make this happen is an iPhone/iTouch/Blackberry/Android, the MerchantWARE Mobile application and a merchant account from IFN Enterprises/MerchantWarehouse and you are ready to go.

The application is available for iPhone/iTouch and BlackBerry devices, as well as for Windows and Android based devices. All BlackBerry, Windows and Android devices have the additional capability to use a Bluetooth rechargeable card reader for swiping cards, which delivers enhanced security, savings and convenience.


  1. Encrypted and secure SSL connection to protect customer information.
  2. You can easily run secure credit card transaction such as sale, refund and void.
  3. Unlike other solutions on the market, MerchantWARE Mobile is offered for free and does not require any additional gateway fees. In other words, you get all the advantages but only pay for your actual merchant account costs.
  4. Uses an encrypted and secure SSL connection to protect your customer's information.
  5. MerchantWARE Mobile supports robust reporting such as transaction summary, totals by card type, and transaction details. You can simply set the date settings then view the reports.
  6. Automatic end of day batch processing to avoid hassle and downgraded transactions.
  7. Easy end of day review feature enabling you quickly review your sales.
  8. Includes the MerchantWARE Virtual Terminal which you can use to process transactions through your merchant account from any web connected computer.
  9. Easy access to a quick reference guide, which guides users through each transaction or reporting process.

How it Works

  1. Contact IFN Enterprises to set up your Merchant Account.
  2. A quick phone call is all you need to get the set-up process underway.
  3. Download the MerchantWare Mobile App for Free.
  4. Simply download and install the Free Mobile App to your handheld device.
  5. Enter the Customer Credit Card information.
  6. Enter the amount and then key enter or swipe your customer's credit card information into your mobile phone.
  7. Process the Transaction.
  8. Click charge to process the transaction.

Getting Started

  1. Call 877-810-4747 above or fill out the form HERE.
  2. Provide us with some information about your business.
  3. Wait about 24 hours for your account approval.
  4. Start accepting credit cards from your e-commerce website.

Call today at: 877-810-4747 for more information. A representative is available Monday - Friday 9:00am - 7:00pm EST

Terms, conditions, features, support, pricing and service options subject to change without notice.