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More than just building your network...building technology.

Better communication for better orders.

IFN Enterprises is changing the way florists are networked together and communicate. We believe that cutting edge technology is the key to taking back your industry. Now, not only can you effectively send and receive orders to and from other florists without paying high wire services fees but you can now communicate more efficiently than ever.

Picture this. You need to send out an outgoing order and you perform a search inside the IRIS network. Then, with the click of a button, you can instantly start a video chat directly with the other florist.

This allows you to better describe what the order should entail, reduce the chance for discrepancies and dictate the needs of the customer better than ever before. It also helps to build confidence and better relationships with other florists in your network. Then with our Drag & Drop technology, simply select a saved order or enter the details of the new one and drag it to the florist video panel.
The receiving florist will instantly see the order appear directly on their point-of-sale screen.

Network highlights:

  • NO Wire Service Fees.
  • Keep 100% on all incoming and outgoing orders.
  • Direct Florist-to-Florist Network.
  • Receive payments immediately. No more long wait times.
  • All orders are handled personally by members of the exclusive IFN Enterprises network.

Video conferencing highlights:

  • Proprietary video conferencing technology that allows you to visually and verbally communicate with other florists.
  • Instantly Drag and Drop your orders for fast sending and receiving.
  • Receive visual and audio alerts when you have an incoming call from another florist.
  • Integrated directly into your point-of-sale interface.
  • Easy to read status icons to determine if other florists are online.

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