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Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Point of Sale for Florists - The Software

What is IRIS?

IRIS is a state of the art, web based point-of-sale and retail management solution. It provides a point-of-sale, e-commerce website, iPhone application and business network.

Is there any software to install?

As IRIS is a web based system, there is no software to install. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and you can access IRIS from anywhere.

Should I use a Point-of-Sale system?

This depends on your needs. A point-of-sale and business management solution can help you run your business more efficiently. It will enable you to keep better track of your finances, customers, products and inventory. Processing a transaction by swiping the customers' credit card will also provide you with the best processing rates available.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. Simply select a package and register for an account. Once your account is approved, you will have access to the IRIS software system. We can then set you up with a merchant account for credit card processing and help you configure your hardware.

What makes IRIS so different?

IRIS combines innovative, creative design with unparalleled functionality and control. IRIS is also one of the few software solutions offering all of the most common components you need to run your shop from one place including point-of-sale, e-commerce website, iPhone application and network.

Is my customer information safe with IRIS?

Yes. All transactions are secured using 256-bit SSL in addition to several other layers of encryption. This protects your customer's information from being stolen when placing an order through your website or when you are entering information through your point-of-sale. Next, we do something not many companies do. We encrypt all data that goes into your database which further guards you and your customers. This makes it extremely difficult for your information to be compromised.
Our software is also PCI compliant which means that we satisfy the security requirements as outlined by the Payment Card Industry. Compliance with these specifications is required in order to process credit card transactions. We back up all of your customer and order information daily on our nationwide server network free of charge. This includes firewalls, fire and theft protection and blackout protection. Rest assured that your security is in the right hands.

Are there any contracts?

No. There are no contracts to sign. You may cancel at any time and there are no termination fees.

What is the cost?

The IRIS suite comes in many flavors and there are multiple packages to choose from to fit your specific needs.

Can I start processing transactions right away?

Yes. After you complete your sign up, we will set you up with a merchant account.
Account approval is usually processed within 24-48 hours.

Do I have to use a touch screen with the IRIS system?

No. Although IRIS is optimized for touch screen usage and you will have a more exciting experience using one, it is not required. You can use IRIS using your mouse as your normally would, or use our suite of built in keyboard shortcuts. In fact, you can use up to 65% of IRIS with the keyboard alone.

Are there ever any upgrade fees?

Never. Once you are a member, upgrades are always free of charge.

Do I ever need to download updates?

The beauty of web-based technology is that you never have to download software updates. Updates occur automatically in the background, so you always have the latest and greatest version.

When I tried to log in, I got an IP Address Error. What does it mean?

IRIS has very strong security measures in place. When you initially registered, your original IP Address was logged. If you attempt to log in from another computer, IRIS will detect that the address is different. If so, the login attempt is blocked. If this happens to you, you must call 877.810.4747 for assistance. It may seem as a bit of a hassle, but this is for your protection. It makes it very difficult for anyone else to access your account. This is similar to security mechanisms that banks use.

Do you provide online training?

Yes. We have online training videos you can use as a quick reference but we also offer one-on-one training for you and your staff.

The Point of Sale Hardware

Is hardware required to use IRIS?

Hardware is not required to use IRIS but it is highly recommended. It will allow you to run your business more efficiently.

Do I need to use your hardware?

You do not need to use our hardware with IRIS but it is advised. IRIS has been specifically designed to work perfectly with our high quality peripherals. In many cases it will work with most other hardware but we can not guarantee perfect operation.

My hardware does not work. What do I do?

The best thing to do in this case is to contact us to run some tests. If your hardware does not work, then we suggest inquiring on what we have to offer.

How do I purchase hardware from you?

The easiest way to make a purchase is to visit our hardware section. From there you can place an order directly online. If you have questions, our knowledgeable reps are ready to help you.

The IRIS Network

What is the IRIS Network?

The IRIS Network is an exclusive network of local brick and mortar florists who have left the wire services and chosen their own independence. The IRIS network allows you to both send and receive orders directly from florist-to-florist without the fear of wire service fees.

How it the IRIS Network different?

Simply put, The IRIS Network allows you to send and receive orders at 100%. You keep your full profits per order and never pay wire service fees.

How soon do I receive my payments?

You receive your payments for your florist-to- florist orders almost immediately.
No more having to wait days or even weeks to receive your payments.

Are there any Hidden Fees or Charges?

NO! All you pay is your monthly fee. There are NO additional fees, charges or costs.

My Website

Can I use a domain name I already have?

Yes. If you already own a domain name, it can easily be configured to route to your new website with IFN Enterprises. If you are in need of a domain name, we can purchase one for you as part of select IRIS web packages.

How will I receive orders?

Orders are placed online through your website's shopping cart. Once a customer processes an order, the order will appear directly in your IRIS system automatically.

How am I notified of web orders?

IRIS offers several methods of notification when you receive an incoming web order.

  • You will receive an email with a copy of an order
  • You will see an on-screen alert when an order arrives
  • A sound will play on your computer notifying you of an incoming order
  • You will receive a text message on your cell phone
  • The order will print automatically when the order arrives

Can I sell my own products on my website?

Absolutely! IRIS provides you with all of the tools you need to upload and manage your own products.
We encourage you to do so.

How many products can I upload?

There is no limit. You may upload as many products as you wish.
Server space is included in your monthly fee.

How are web orders processed?

If you have a merchant account with us, web orders are processed automatically online and you will receive your funds to your bank account within 1-2 business days. If you have your already have merchant account with another provider, it can be used side by side with IRIS.

Can I upload my own logo and content?

You certainly can. You have access to easy to use tools allowing you to upload your logo and edit your page content as you wish.

How is my data protected?

Your data is protected with several layers of encryption like SSL and proprietary database encryption.

Do I need to back up my website information?

No. All of your customer and transaction information is backed up automatically each day to several data centers across the U.S through our 24/7 managed network.

Processing Credit Cards

What are steps or requirements for processing a credit card?

1. Customer checkout - Quantities, total dollar amounts, sales tax, and shipping are calculated.
2. Customer authentication in one of two situations - card present or card not present.
a. Card Present - A card is presented for payment by the customer and swiped through a point of sale device. Signatures and identification are sometimes verified.
b. Card Not Present - Occurring over the internet, telephone, or mail order. The credit card transaction occurs without the customer being physically present. To authenticate the transaction additional authentication information is verified (AVS & CVC)
3. Authorization (Approve, Decline, or Call Center)
a. The payments processor verifies that the account is in good standing, if funds are available, and/or if there has been unusual or erratic spending activity on the card. An approval authorization is granted if these conditions are satisfied.
4. Sale/Batch Settlement
a. At the end of the day, the merchant clearing house is responsible for batching all sales taken throughout the day. If there are 100 transactions, or just one, a single deposit will be sent to the payment processor and associated with each batch.
5. Payment to Merchant
a. Within 2 or 3 business days of accepting the payment and settling their batch, the merchant will receive a deposit for the batch minus any nominal processing fees.

How long does it take for funds to be deposited into my account?

Normally, it takes 1-2 business days for the transfer to complete. This excludes holidays.

What types of credit cards can I accept?

You will be able to accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Network and Diners Club.

How long does it take to set set up a merchant account?

It takes roughly 24-48 hours to complete a merchant account set up. Once complete, you can start processing cards right away.

How long does it take to approve a transaction?

Authorization of a transaction occurs within seconds when systems and connectivity are functioning properly.

What is a debit card?

As opposed to credit cards, which extend a line of credit to a user, debit cards are directly linked to a user's checking/savings/money market account. Debit cards are processed in two different ways. A "PIN-based" debit requires the customer to endorse the payment by submitting his Personal Identification Number (PIN) at the point of sale, whereas a "Signature-based" debit does not require entering a PIN.

How does Internet processing from an e-commerce website work?

  1. First, you need your e-commerce website or web store.
  2. Next you need a shopping cart. This works like a cart you would use in any real store (Supermarkets, clothing, etc). The cart collects and holds the items the user would like to purchase until they are ready to check out. The shopping cart will also calculate the order costs, apply shipping rates and any tax that needs to be applied to the order.
  3. Next, your store must be connected to a payment gateway. The credit card information such as the card number and customer information are encrypted to ensure that the information passes securely between the customer and the merchant. The clearing house then provides an authorization or decline message for the transactions.
  4. Once the transaction is approved, the payment from the processor will arrive at the merchant's account within 2-3 days.

My merchant account was approved and I recieved my site keys. Now what do I do?

  1. Log into your IRIS system.
  2. Browse to your store configurations panel.
  3. Copy and paste your Site ID, Site Key and Store Name exactly as it was provided to you by Merchant Warehouse and save.
  4. Start processing credit cards right away.

Dropping The Wire Services

I really want to drop my wire service website and use IRIS. What do I do?

The transition is not as hard as you think. If you already have a domain, chances are, they registered it for you. If so, we will tell you how to claim it when you contact us. Once the domain transfer is made, we can switch you to an IFN Enterprises website with zero downtime.

I'm worried that I won't receive as many orders if drop the wire services. Is this true?

In all honesty, we will say absolutely not. About 90% of our members end up on the first page of Google and receive orders literally on a daily basis by the time we finish their optimization setup. This combined with a listing in our new IRIS Connect Directory and advertising your business locally, will keep the orders coming in.

Remember, one good order on your own is worth 5 with the wire services.

Terms, conditions, features, support, pricing and service options subject to change without notice.