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IFN Enterprises,Inc Legal Notices, Disclaimers, Disclosures and Notes
Please read.

1. Acknowledgment. The use of the service will constitute the member's acknowledgment that the member has understood and agreed with each of the terms and conditions described in this document.
2. Enrollment. Each member will be enrolled into the IRIS system upon approval by the IFN Enterprises,Inc. Approval will be made within 24 hours of the initial registration by senior management based on the member's ability to meet and maintain the eligibility criteria described in Section 3 of this agreement.
3. Eligibility Requirements. To be eligible to obtain or maintain a membership, the member must satisfy each of the following conditions:

  1. Maintain a good credit status, as determined by IFN Enterprises,Inc in its sole discretion.
  2. Customer must meet all legal requirements and possess all but not limited to required permits, documents, certifications needed to run a legitimate business in the appropriate jurisdiction.
  3. Customer acknowledges that they possess all rights to any images uploaded to the IRIS system not provided by IFN Enterprises,Inc including but not limited to copyrights and license agreements in the appropriate jurisdiction with the providing legitimate organization(s).
  4. Customer agrees that all business information posted to the IRIS system including company name, address and phone number are accurate.
  5. Customer agrees that all information including credit card numbers, bank information and billing information is accurate and legitimate and acknowledges that falsifying this information places them subject to the full penalties of the law.
  6. Customer must maintain a good credit status with any of the acceptable credit card providers as listed on the IFN Enterprises,Inc website.
  7. Customer agrees to allow periodic visitation to their business establishment by an IFN Enterprises,Inc representative to determine if all security requirements meet the standards needed to maintain an IRIS membership and to legally and securely process credit card transactions.

4. Membership Changes. Customer acknowledges that the IFN Enterprises,Inc must be made aware of membership changes including but not limited to company name, services, management, location, products, bank information, billing address and must be updated within the IRIS software system immediately. Customer acknowledges that IFN Enterprises,Inc is not responsible for damages or lost income due to business-to-business miscommunication or by in-accurate information posted to the IRIS network, point-of-sale or any other product offered by IFN Enterprises,Inc.
5. Disputes. Each customer acknowledges that IFN Enterprises,Inc is not responsible for miscommunication between businesses within the IRIS system. IRIS provides specific web based tools allowing each member to maintain accurate communication with one another and each member is therefore responsible for their actions including but not limited to timely order status updates, closed order notifications and email responses and any and all other business related issues.
6. Membership Fees. Each customer acknowledges that IFN Enterprises,Inc will charge a recurring monthly fee after the initial 5 day trial period has expired. Each payment will be charged to the customers' credit card on file from the initial registration.
7. Cancellation. Each customer has the right to cancel their membership if dissatisfied with the IRIS software application for any reason and will not be subject to any cancellation or termination fees.
8. Intellectual Property. Each customer acknowledges that any content including but not limited to images, text, graphics, designs, logos, trademarks within the IRIS system or IRIS member websites are owned and licensed by IFN Enterprises,Inc or by the posting member of the IRIS system / network and may not be copied, sub-licensed, re-sold, without written consent from the perspective owners and shall be in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Customer acknowledges that they have full legal rights to any content uploaded to the IRIS system and agrees to defend IFN Enterprises,Inc in the event that claims are made stating the illegal usage of such information or upload in the IFN Enterprises,Inc IRIS system.
9. Confidential Information. Each member acknowledges and agrees to hold in trust the confidential business, customer, member and other information that he/she may acquire through or enter into the IRIS system / network.
10. Orders.

  1. Upon registration, each member is assigned a unique ID. This ID identifies the new members account and all information therein.
  2. Each customer acknowledges they understand that the number of orders they receive through the IRIS system is solely based upon order submission from customers in the network or the public. IFN Enterprises,Inc has no participation in the process other than offering marketing assistance and does not influence the number of orders from one customer to the next.
  3. Each customer understands that their individual presence is made noticeable in the network upon completion of their account set up including an online ad provided by the IRIS system. All components of the account set up must be completed by each customer in order to be listed and deemed searchable within the IRIS system.
  4. Each customer acknowledges that IFN Enterprises,Inc does not guarantee any minimum number of orders to any customer. This fact solely depends on how each customer chooses to market themselves within the IRIS system. This includes but is not limited to pricing, products, location, availability, reliability, etc.
  5. Each customer understand that IFN Enterprises,Inc in not responsible for any lost network or website orders.
  6. Each customer acknowledges that delivery fees are set by individual customers and are not influenced by IFN Enterprises,Inc in any way.
  7. Each customer acknowledges that they must pay a discount rate on each order in addition to a transaction fee as required by the credit card processing gateways. This loss can be accounted for by adding this cost to the initial customer order.
  8. Each customer acknowledges that in order to maintain good credibility among other customers within the IRIS system, they must respond to emails from other in a timely fashion and close each order as soon as possible after a delivery or order has been completed.

11. Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer. IFN Enterprises,Inc, its employees and partners, shall in no event be liable to any customer for any damages of any kind as a result of using the IRIS system. This includes but is not limited to punitive damages, lost profits, injuries, death, service unavailability, copyright infringement, lost or inaccurate information, etc. Each customer must understand that there are risks associated with the use of any software system and that IFN Enterprises, Inc does not guarantee in any way, shape or form that issues can not arise. Each customer understands that all communication, orders and customer satisfaction are the responsibility of the registered customer. IFN Enterprises, Inc is not responsible for any disputes between individual customers or members.
12. Indemnity. Each customer agrees to indemnify and render harmless IFN Enterprises, Inc, its employees and partners against all allegations, claims, liability and expenses, including all legal fees and costs arising from or relating to:

  1. The customer's breach of these Terms and Conditions.
  2. A customer's usage of images, text or any other information without proper permission and legal authorization.
  3. Technical errors (software or non-software related), hardware malfunctions or any 3rd party errors.

13. Usernames and Passwords. Each customer is required to issue themselves a username and password at the time of initial registration. Although we have tools to help customers establish strong passwords, each customer understands that they are responsible for the username and password. This is the first line of defense against hackers and customers must keep strong usernames and passwords at all times. IFN Enterprises,Inc is in no way responsible for damages due to weak usernames and passwords. This includes but is not limited to punitive damages, lost profits, service unavailability, lost or inaccurate information, etc.
14. Business Names. Each customer acknowledges that IFN Enterprises,Inc does not in any way, shape or form control the availability of business names upon registration. If a legitimate business name has been registered by another business or organization without permission, each customer agrees to render IFN Enterprises,Inc blameless. Business names are not validated upon a registration and any legal issues pertaining but not limited to copyrights must be handled by the respective parties. IFN Enterprises,Inc is in no way responsible for damages due to false business name registrations. This includes but is not limited to punitive damages, lost profits, service unavailability, lost or inaccurate information, etc.

15. Flash Files. All Flash files used to construct the IRIS system including but not limited to graphics, ActionScript, etc are the sole property of IFN Enterprises, Inc. All graphics, source code and other system features may not be tampered with at any time. Any attempt to download, decompile or re-distribute any flash files will be tracked and recorded and will subject you to the full penalties of the law.

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