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The IRIS Network lets your customers find YOU.

The gloves are off and play time is over. It's time to hit them where it hurts.

Go to a search engine and try doing a search for flower shops in your area. What happens? Most of the time, a wire service's website or directory will appear. Or worse yet, an order gatherer that is not even in your area. Either way, you lose the order or you have to pay a high fee per order to your provider.

The IRIS Network is working on changing all of that. We are now collaborating with renowned search engine specialists to push our directory to the top of the charts. This means that you will have the opportunity to get found whenever a customer searches for a local flower shop in their respective areas and knock down the order gatherers.

Now you will be able to get discovered and have your customers purchase from you off of your own website with no interference from any wire service.

How Does it Work?

All you have to do is contact IFN Enterprises. Simply provide us with your store information, logo and website. We will then create a FREE listing for you in our directory. The IRIS Network will help you more gain more search engine traffic in your area. ( Only REAL LOCAL FLORISTS will be accepted. )

What Information Does my Listing Provide?

Your listing displays information about your store such as the description, logo, address, phone numbers, pricing, website address, email address, store hours and anything else you like. It even includes a map showing your store location. It gives you the opportunity to market yourself to your customers so they can purchase from you directly.

What Makes It So Different?

The difference is that when the public searches for a florist in their area and finds your IRIS directory listing, they will be ordering from you directly from your IFN Enterprises website. We do not collect the order first and then send it to you. The whole purpose of the new directory is to compete with the wire service's search engine position, get customers to find your local shop and then make a purchase directly off of your own website.

When I Visit Your New IRIS Directory, Why does it re-direct me to

The wire service directories have been at the top of the Google charts for a long time and they will be tough to knock down. The find-localflorist.com name is part of our search engine optimization strategy. In addition to building a large directory of local florists, we need this name to help fortify our targeted Google rankings. It will help accelerate the process and get your IRIS Directory ranked as high as possible. It does NOT mean we are affiliated with a wire service in any way. This is merely an SEO tactic to help get your directory listings ranked higher.

A re-cap: Your directory listing will allow you to,

  • Advertise yourself directly to your customers
  • Show your web address so your customers can order directly from you
  • Display your own logo and contact information
  • Create another avenue for you to get found
  • Fight against the wire services and order gatherers
  • Receive 100% on your web orders
  • Sell your own products on your own website
  • Set your own prices
  • Receive 100% on all Orders

Want to Take a Look?

See it for yourself.

We're working hard to push our directory to the top of all major search engines...so you get found. Not them.

Terms, conditions, features, support, pricing and service options subject to change without notice.